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Think Like a Monk

Author: Jay Shetty
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“Think Like a Monk” by Jay Shetty offers transformative insights from the author’s time as a monk to help readers lead a more purposeful and peaceful life. Shetty blends ancient wisdom with practical steps, focusing on mindfulness, compassion, and discovering one’s purpose. The book teaches how to navigate modern challenges with a monk’s mindset, emphasizing meditation, gratitude, and service to others. Through personal anecdotes and actionable advice, Shetty guides readers towards overcoming negativity, fostering positive habits, and achieving genuine happiness and success. It’s a compelling read for anyone seeking to transform their mindset and embrace a life filled with greater clarity and fulfillment.

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“Think Like a Monk” is a self-help book by Jay Shetty, a former monk turned motivational speaker and content creator. Published in 2020, the book draws on Shetty’s experiences living as a monk in India to impart lessons on overcoming negative thoughts and habits and cultivating a more peaceful and purposeful life. The book delves into the wisdom of monk teachings and practices, focusing on mindfulness, compassion, and pursuing a meaningful life.

Shetty explores various themes such as finding one’s purpose, dealing with fear and anxiety, understanding the true nature of ego and self-esteem, and the power of meditation and gratitude. He combines ancient wisdom with practical advice, encouraging readers to apply monk mindset strategies to modern-day challenges to achieve greater happiness, clarity, and success. “Think Like a Monk” aims to help individuals lead a life of service, focus, and true fulfillment, drawing on principles that have guided monks for centuries.

Author Bio Jay Shetty:

Jay Shetty is a former monk, purpose coach, and a globally recognized content creator, motivational speaker, and author of the best-selling book “Think Like a Monk.” Born on September 6, 1987, in London, England, Shetty lived as a monk in India for three years, where he learned the timeless wisdom of meditation, mindfulness, and service. After returning to the UK, he shared these teachings with the broader world through digital content.

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